Kids Do Better with a Father Figure in Their Life




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just because

it’s right to do doesn’t make it right to do!

My story is no different than many others that I have shared stories with over the years.

  • I fell in love with someone
  • I committed a life with someone
  • it failed and the battle began

It is from these conversations that I felt a need to assist and share experiences – with a bigger impact on a bigger scale!

the law now

recognizes a broad array of rights for fathers, including…

  • The right to reasonable parenting time
  • The right to be consulted before any adoption takes place
  • The right to take time off from work to care for or raise a child

Our Mission

the belief in the absolute importance of shared parenting.

We are committed to helping fathers enjoy their full rights and responsibilities as well as helping children have their fathers in their lives.


When a child is born to unmarried parents, however, a biological father does not have any legal rights to the child until he seeks them through the juvenile court

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